How to collect the gear 

Our rental facilities is unmanned. Here follows instructions on how to collect your rental gear.

From our retalfacilitys to the water is about 100 meters. There are kayak-trollys available to borrow.

How to collect your kayak in Mariefred:

1. Enter the code that you received in your booking confirmation to unlock the lock.

2. Retrieve your kayak 

3. You will find lifejacket, sprayskirt and paddle in the storage room next to the kayaks. The room is locked, you will find the code for this door in your booking confirmation with the codes for the kayaks.

To return the kayak:
1. Dry the kayak with the sponge supplied.

2. Put the kayak in its location and lock the lock.

3. Hang the lifejacket and sprayskirt to dry in the storage room. 

4. Put the paddle and the map back

The system in pictures.

The kayaks/ SUP
Each kayak is locked with a wire
The storage room is the door to the left
Storage room
Storage room
Inside storage room

Short video of how to collect your rental gear 

Please note that our rental in Mariefred have another system than in the video, where the kayaks are stored outside and the sprayskirt, lifejacket, paddle and maps are located in the storage room next to the kayaks.

Since we are a self service kayak rental it's important for your safety that you follow the safety regulations in our rental agreement. You can find the rental agreement and useful infomation about sea kayaking on our web page.

We hope you will have a nice time exploring our archapelago!