Kayakrental Torö

Rent kayak and stand up paddleboards

Kayakrental on Torö

(Stockholm archipelago,Nynäshamn)

Rent kayak and stand up paddleboards on Torö

Welcome to our rental facility on Torö. On this page you can find all the specific information about this rental location. On Torö we are located on Ankarudden, right by the water. Next to us is the restaurant Sjöboden.

Visit the southernmost part of Stockholm's archipelago. From our rental on Torö you experience an untouched and largely uninhabited archipelago. The archipelago here is just as suitable for a half-day trip as it is for a multi-day trip. There are a few hostels and hotels, but otherwise tents are the way to go if you want to paddle for several days.

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