The right to public access (Allemansrätten)

In Sweden, we have a unique law called “Allemansrätten” (Right of Public Access).

This is a fantastic opportunity which means that everyone can experience the countryside in Sweden.
It is important that everyone respects the rules, both for animals and nature and, by extension, for us.

According to “Allemanrätten” we have both responsibilities and rights.
The golden rule is “DON’T DISTURB, DON’T DESTROY”

The following is what you are allowed and not allowed to do:

You can move freely in the countryside, remember not to disturb any crops, plants or vegetation. Please respect those that live in the area and never walk through someone’s garden.

You are allowed to paddle, swim and boat freely. Respect protected bird areas, private docks and sensitive areas of the sea.

You are allowed to camp in the countryside where appropriate. Do not disturb or destroy. If you are unsure, always ask permission.

You are allowed to light fires but be careful and make sure to quench the fire properly. Only light fires in appropriate places and never directly on rock or where there is a danger of the fire spreading. Be particularly observant during the summer months where fires are often prohibited when it is extremely dry.

We want to preserve nature. Therefore, please remember not to leave any traces after you. Please take all rubbish with you and dump it in designated areas.
If you would like to know more about “Allemansrätten” you can read it here: