Is there drinking water to refill at your rental facilitys? 

 -Yes and No. There is water at most of our rentals (Muskö, Dalarö, Åkersberga, Björlanda Kile, Fiskebäck, Tjörn, Mariefred and Gotland). But we recommend bringing water if you have the opportunity due to lack of water in the archipelago, and that the taste of the water is not always the best as our facilities are located in the archipelago. 

 How do I find your rental facilitys? 

- Click here for more information on how to find our various rentals. 

 How do I make a reservation?

 -Only booking and payment via our website is possible. Click here to get to the booking. 

 How do I pay? 

-You pay when you make the reservation online, either via swish (Swedish mobile payment) or with a bank card / credit card. 

 How do you pick up the equipment you have booked?

 You pick up your rented equipment via a code that you receive in connection with booking. Click here to find a description of how to pick up your booked kayaks. 

 Can everyone kayak?

 Yes. If you are a beginner, however, you should take it extra carefully, stay close to land and never be alone. If it blows a lot or it is cold in the water, it may be better to wait for better weather conditions if you are not used to kayaking. Always wear a life jacket and let someone know where you plan to paddle and when you are expected to be back. 

 Can I rent a kayak on site? 

- No. Only pre-booked rentals are possible, however it is possible to book via our website at short notice. If we have available kayaks, you can book via our website when you are on site at one of our rentals. As soon as the payment is completed, you can pick up your kayak.

 Can I leave things with you during the paddle trip? 

-No unfortunately it is not possible.

 Can I launch the kayaks anywhere other than at your rentals? 

Yes. You can take the kayaks with you in your own car. 

 Can you rent a tent from you? 

- No. But there is other companies/stores where you can rent your gear and bring to us.

Do you need to rent any extra safety equipment?

 -We rent out extra safety equipment in the form of a float, paddle line etc. This is not required for shorter paddles but is for experienced paddlers who are going on longer trips with a risk of severe weather or if you are going to paddle over very long periods of open water.

What Does Self-Service Renting Mean? 

-This means that you book and pay for your equipment on our website, and then pick up and return the equipment on your own via a code. This is both easy, fast and flexible. It suits everyone. When you book, you get more information about exactly how it is possible to pick up / return equipment. 

 What is included when I rent a kayak from you? 

- In addition to the kayak, it also includes a sprayskirt, life jacket, paddle and a map over the nearby area. 

 What is included when I rent stand up paddle board (SUP) from you? 

 -In addition to the board, a paddle and leash are included. 

 Where can I park the car? 

- There is parking right at all our kayak rentals. Please follow the instructions on each place. Note that some of them are pay-parking

 Where are your kayak rentals? 

 Stockholm archipelago: Torö, Muskö,  Dalarö and Åkersberga. 

Westcoast: Hisingen, Fiskebäck and Tjörn

Other: Gotland and Mariefred (lake Mälaren)

 What are your opening hours? 

- We are open from 1 May to 30 September. During this period, our rentals are open between 9-20 every day. But since you have the opportunity to pick up and drop off the kayaks on your own, we can often organize so that you can pick up / drop off kayaks as desired. If you wish to pick up or return kayaks outside of our opening hours you need to contact us first.