ArcAdventures kayak rental

Selfserviced kayak & SUP rental

ArcAdventures have kayak rental facilities on the east coast and and the west coast of Sweden. You can find us in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Bohusläns archipelagos and also on Gotland. Our kayak rental facilities are self service. You make the reservation and payment online and retrieve your kayaks by yourself with a code. Fast, easy and flexible.

Where to find our rental facilitys:

Selfguided kayaktrips

We have prepared a couple of kayak tours for those how want a simpel get away without to much time on planning the trip.

All of this tours are planned for eating all meals on local restaurants along the way, and sleeping in hotels. So there is no need to bring anything except your personal belonging.

All you need to do is to make the reservation for the kayaks here on our webpage, and to make the reservation for the hotels we suggested. Read more about the self serviced kayak tours.