When you hire a kayak with us the following is always included: spray skirt, paddle, lifejacket, sea-card and an if needed introduction to the basics of kayaking. 
Rental prices kayaks:


K1 (singel kayak) and SUP  420kr                

K2 (double kayak)  750kr

Day (09:00-18:00)

K1 (singel kayak) and SUP  500kr              

  K2 (double kayak)  850kr

24 hr (24 hours)

K1 (singel kayak) and SUP 600kr                

K2 (double kayak)  1000 kr

48 hr (2 Consecutive days) 

K1 (singel kayak) and SUP 900kr   after +400kr/24 hr          

K2 (double kayak)    after +700kr/24hr

week  (1 week)

K1 (singel kayak) and SUP 2000kr             

 K2 (double kayak)  3000kr

Other equipment

If you need any other equipment please contact us