When you hire a kayak or SUP from us the following is always included:
 Paddle, lifejacket, spray skirt (only for kayak), map (only for kayak).

Rental prices kayaks and SUP:

Half Day
(4 hours)

K1 (singel kayak) and SUP  420kr                

K2 (double kayak)  750kr


(09 AM - 8 PM)

K1 (singel kayak) and SUP  500kr              

  K2 (double kayak)  850kr

24 hr
(24 hours)

K1 (singel kayak) and SUP 600kr                

K2 (double kayak)  1000 kr

2 day/1 night

(9 AM until 8 PM on day 2)

K1 (singel kayak) and SUP  500kr              

  K2 (double kayak)  850kr

48 hr
 (2 Consecutive days) 

K1 (singel kayak) and SUP 900kr   after +400kr/24 hr          

K2 (double kayak)    after +700kr/24hr


(1 week)

K1 (singel kayak) and SUP 2000kr             

 K2 (double kayak)  3000kr

Other equipment

If you need any other equipment please contact us