How to launch your kayak:

 From low yetty:

 Lay the kayak parallel to the jetty, then sit on the jetty and put your feet in the cockpit. With the outer hand, grab the middle and front of the cockpit edge. Support with the other hand on the bridge when you lift your butt and sit in the kayak. Make sure you have your feet evenly placed in the middle and also try to distribute your weight in the middle of the kayak when you lift yourself in. 

 From a rock /island:

 A bridge is not always available when we are out on a trip. Most often, however, there are rocks. Launching from rocks is reminiscent of launching from a jetty. Try to find a rock that is quite low where you can put the kayak next to it and can stand next to the cockpit when the kayak is in the water. Place the paddle across the kayak behind the cockpit and let the back of one blade and most of the shaft rest on the rock. Pinch with the outer hand around the paddle shaft and the cockpit edge in the middle and at the back. Squat down and thread one leg at a time into the cockpit while supporting with the other hand on the rock and the shaft lying on the rock. Lift your buttocks and try to have the center of gravity as much in the middle of the kayak as possible. 

 From the beach:

 Launching from a fine sandy beach is a fairly stable maneuver, but can of course be made more difficult if the wind is blowing towards the beach. Push the kayak with the stern first and place the front part of the cockpit approximately where the waterline begins or a little further out depending on how shallow it is. Position the paddle so that you will reach it when you sit down - in front of the cockpit with one blade is a good benchmark. Go into the water and sit on the kayak behind the cockpit with one leg on each side, looking at the bow. Baste the legs in the cockpit and try to keep the center of gravity in the middle. Place your hands on each side of the cockpit, approximately where the opening is largest and slide down with your butt in the cockpit.