How to collect the gear 

Our rental facilities is unmanned. Here follows instructions on how to collect your rental gear.

How to collect your kayak:

1. Enter the code that you received in your booking confirmation to unlock the locker.

2. Retrieve your kayak with paddle, sprayskirt and lifejacket.

3. Lock the locker.

To return the kayak:

1. Dry the kayak with the sponge supplied.

2. Split the paddle and place it in the cockpit of the kayak.

3. Place the sprayskirt in its position on the kayak.

4. Unlock the locker with the same code as before.

5. Place the kayak in the locker, front first.

6. Hang the lifejacket to dry on the rear end of the kayak.

7. Lock the locker.

Our rentals on Gotland and in Mariefred have a slightly setup. You will get more information about these to specific locations in your booking confirmation.

Short video of how to collect your rental gear 

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Since we are a self service kayak rental it's important for your safety that you follow the safety regulations in our rental agreement. You can find the rental agreement and useful infomation about sea kayaking on our web page.

We hope you will have a nice time exploring our archapelago!