The paddle: 

 You can choose to have the paddle's leaves angled or straight. You can easily change this by pressing the small button in the middle of the paddle and then turning one part of the paddle. Hold the paddle approximately shoulder-width apart, but feel free to test what fe

els most comfortable for you

Paddle forward

 Insert the paddle into the water approximately at the toes, and pick it up again as it passes the hip. The propulsion shall be a combination of pull and push of the paddle driven from a torso rotation. The paddle movement is an interplay between arms, wrists and the large muscle groups in the back, shoulders, abdomen and hips / legs. Anyone who only uses their arms will quickly get tired.

To turn

you usually use the rudder, but you can also edge the kayak to make it turn.

To stop:

Place the paddle on one side so that it starts to brake. Then change and insert the paddle on the other side to cancel the turn that is on the kayak. You may sometimes need to change sides once more before stopping completely.

There is a lot to learn when it comes to paddle technology. Everything from becoming more efficient in their paddling, becoming more confident in their kayak or becoming faster and more confident in various rescue techniques. Here is a movie that shows some parts you can learn / practice on.