If you are new to kayaking

Take a course:

We recommend that you take a course before paddling on your own for the first time. The canoeing association in different countrys always organizes courses for beginners.


As a beginner, you should always take it extra carefully. Always paddle close to land, and never paddle alone. Kayaking involves some risks, especially if the water is cold. When you are inexperienced, we recommend that you paddle in the summer when the water temperature is favorable if you should fall in the water. Also, the weather is more stable in the summer.

There is a greater risk of capsizing if there are large waves, and the waves are built up by the wind. If it is very windy, it is therefore better to choose another day to go kayaking. With us at ArcAdventure, you can therefore from a security perspective add a rebooking guarantee in connection with booking. 

Find information if you are inexperienced

Even if you have attended a course but still are inexperienced you need to progress slowly to stay safe. Keep up the will to learn more, read and watch youtube to refresh your skills. But also practice in your kayak. But remember to always be extra careful in the beginning.

We have compiled texts about safety, how to set up the kayak, but also about how to get back into the kayak if you should fall in. Canoeing becomes more fun if you sit well and if you feel safe. 

The most important thing if you are inexperienced is to never kayak alone. Adjust your excursion to your own level, and progress slowly. Also not kayak in hard wind or when the water temperature is cold. 


Read our texts about launching the kayak and about paddle technique.


Do not forget to read about nature reserves, bird sanctuaries and the right of public access